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Buy dry wipes refill roll or dry wipes roll at the well known manufacturer and supplier Biokleen. We are offering the wide variety of wet dry wipes to our clients. For more info, inquire us at

–Biokleen dry wipes refill roll will save your production time and you can simply add lotion at your side.

–We maintain high production capacity with more than 10 production lines for refill roll wipes in bucket, barrel and canister.

–Our fastest delivery time will be after 10 days for 1st container, then 1 container/day.


$0.5-$1.0 per roll;

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Part No. Us Fragrance Net contents Container Type Units/Case Private Lable Towel size Shelf life
DRW100 Non 100 wipe container 24 Avalible 5″×8″ 2 year


Our brand has been a potential supplier of Dry Wipes Refill Roll along with quality grade Dry Wipes Roll which are better than any average dry wipes. We at Biokleen Hygiene care for your sanitizing concerns and make it our priority to provide you with the best wipes in the world. We provide not just Dry wipes roll but also a lot of other kinds of wipes for babies too like Baby Care Wipes, Flushable Wipes, 99.9% Water Wipes, Toallitas Humedas 80, Best Regular Baby Wipes, Other Baby Wipes, Bamboo Premium Wipes, and others. Our manufacturing standards are far more advanced than most brands since we utilize the best raw materials, processing methods, and high-quality industrial-grade inspection methods. We keep quality and usability in our top priority lists to give you a better healthcare opportunity. And if you need Dry Wipes Refill Roll in the best possible quality at a low price, then Biokleen Hygiene is your ideal brand to go for.