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As the pandemic brought unparalleled volatility to U.S. grocery retail in 2020, consumers continued to favor store brands for about one of every four purchases across all major food and nonfood categories, according to the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA).

Biokleen Wipes allows our retailers and distributors to have their own brand name on the packaging at competitive rates to better compete in their market.

Specilty: Pet Wipes, Adult Wipes, Household Wipes, Toallitas Humedas Antibacteriales
By Wet Wipes PLMA Pioneer Biokleen.

How to Find The Right and Reliable Supplier of Alcohol Wipes? 0 (0)

Guess you are in cleaning supply industry.  Yes, it is a good year to disinfect and clean our living environment. Sales volume soars 
this year in many areas and countries. There is a vast demand to buy and stock Alcohol Wipes, Disinfecting Wipes, Antibacterial 
Wipes desired by consumers.

Biokleen is a good source for wet wipes. We are here to support our retailer clients to customize own branded wipes in various packaging, 
15ct, 40ct soft pack, 70count barrel or even 1000ct bucket wipes.

Why choose us? We have been in this wipes manufacturing over 10 years. Not like other flash money maker supplier, we dedicated in superior service and provide certificated  items with abundant 
experience and respect to the users.

We are here to empower your cleaning brands and expand your products lines easily and effectively.  
Any question, just reach out freely.

Source for Antibacterial Wipes? Come to Biokleen  0 (0)

Are you now considering vendors for your 2020 and 2021 wet wipes product line?


As No.1 Source of Far Eastern Wipes&Washcloths leaders in clean products, we are looking for strong relationship with major Brand Owners , Retailers ,Medical Distributors, who have a continues demand of cleaning and disinfecting wipes as well;


Now, our capacity is powerful, we could supply over 50-60HQ per month of the bottle package. And, 5 million packs of the bag package.


Also, as a professional FDA certificated supplier, we supplied Alcohol Wipes, Disinfecting Wipes in bulk quantity to leading renowned companies worldwide . Thus, i believe that we could satisfy your requirements.


Come and meet our team with specific needs.