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We find out 3 cleaning wipes which are best for dishing the dirt.

Usage of Cleaning Wipes

There’re numerous cleaning wipes in mordern market. It do hard to choose which is right for you. Would a heavy bottle of disinfecting liquid be the best choice for cleansing the floor? Or is there any better way to cleansing the window than with a spray bottle?



Cleansing Wipes, New-type wet wipes. They’re disposable and provide a fast and efficient way to do the cleaning. Less people know the dirt on the surface of phone screen and kitchen sinkds is much more than toilet seat. Scientists also reported that, he bacteria can stay alive on people’s hands over 3 hours. Thats why the cleaning wipes exist.

Different types of cleaning wipes

After knowing what is cleaning wipes and how necessary it is in our life everywhere, we are going to see what sort of wipes are out there?

  1. Alcohol wipes

Alcohol wipes contain isopropyl alcohol, which kills bacterial, fungi and viruses effectively. They are considered to do low or medium level disinfecting and always be used to in office or clinics, such as:

—-tables, kitchen sinks, counter tops;

—-doors or glass;

—-digital screens( like phone, PC, TV)


—-ketboards, mouses, desks

Also, they would be considered to be used for minor cuts, wounds or abrasions. We would see a wild range of alcohol wipes in our life as a perfect all-rounder cleaning option.

  1. Detergent wipes

3 detergent wipes in a group, in 3 different sizes.

Detergent wipes are second to alcohol wipes. Compared to alcohol wipes, they are more neutral, and softer on the skind and hands. They are free from alcohol and always do low-level wetting, like household. They are great for wiping the surface to be ready for disinfecting. Or they can also do some light cleaning on your body. They can be used for:

—-removing food residue or debris from surfaces,

—-cleansing furnitures

—-wipesing the surface of desk, table, sofa, or phones.

  1. Disinfectant wipes

3 hospital wipes in a picture, with 3 different sizes available.

Research suggested that, disinfectant wipes are the strongest wipes in the market. They are used for high-level cleaning in situations that sterility and cleaning is necessary. Disinfectant wipes are suitable to be used in doctors’ offices, hospitals and gerocomia. They can also be used to sterilise medical equipments and toolds, great at decreasing the time taken to clean patient rooms with disinfectant liquids. They are good for:

—-sterilising medical equipment and tools

—-cleansing beds and furniture in patient rooms, counter tops and surfaces

—-Disinfecting the surfaces of desks, phones, keyboards and computers

Try our disinfecting wipes to kill 99.9% bacteria.

The best way to using cleaning wipes.

There’re a lot of report about how right or wrong to use cleaning wipes. In wrong way, the cleaning will be ineffective and it will leave bacteria lingering. So we advise to use “1-2 wipe” system within 2 easy steps:

The system request detergent products to stay wet on the surface for around 5min, to guarantee to kill 99.9% bacteria. This enables to clean the surfaces effectively and disinfect in just 2 easy steps, quick and efficient.

Say in end, we feel glad if you have a more clear idea of cleaning wipes, and know what’s the best option for you. For your else knowledge, remember to dispose of wipes in correct way. Do not flush them down the toilet. It will disrupt sewage systems and pollute the earth. Please be sure to dispose of wipes in the trash bin and protect our enviroment.

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