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Dry wipes and canister, New!

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Biokleen is a well known manufacturer to offer you the wide variety of dry and wet wipes in Bucket, Barrel and Canister.
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–The dry rolls will be load in 70 or 160 bucket, barrel and canister by Biokleen.

–Biokleen Largely saves your production time and you can simply add lotion at your side.

– Canister are with blue ,yellow, green lid as you desired.


$0.7-$0.8 per 70pack;

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Dry wipe roll available
Spec:70pcs per roll
Capacity: 1 million rolls per month

We at Biokleen Hygiene come with world-class Wet Wipes Canister products and other similar items in the low-cost price range.  Our brand provides all types of sanitizing wipe related Products like Disinfecting Wipes, Antibacterial Wipes, Gym Wipes & Refills, Dry Wipes In Roll, New Cleaning Wipes, Baby Care Wipes, Personal Care Wipes, Pet Care Wipes, Personal Care Wipes like Facial Wipes, Tanning Wipes, Nail Remover Wipes, Makeup Remover Wipes, Sunscreen Wipes, and others. We also bring the class-leading quality of pet wipes like Pet Cleansing Wipes, Pet Training Pads for your pets to be safe, healthy, and clean.

We at Biokleen Wipes bring our priority concerns to the quality parameter that makes us one of the best manufacturers in the market. We utilize the latest in-line processing methodologies and high-quality production strategies to meet our customer demand without diminishing performance at all. Thus, if you need the best Wet Wipes Canister products, Well, Biokleen wipes are here for you.