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Biokleen Disinfecting Wipes New!

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Biokleen a well-known China-based supplier, specializes in manufacturing the best quality Disinfecting Wipes and supply globally. To Custom your logo, inquire us.

–Biokleen Disinfecting Cleaning Wipes have super sterilizing effect to Kills 99.9% of Bacteria &germ;

–Our Wet Wipes FDA, EPA registered, can be widely used for disinfection in medical, health care, public places.

–Strong Capacity to deliver 5x40HQ per day with super-fast transportation.


$0.5-$0.9 per 70pack;

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Part No. Us Active Ing. Net contents Container Type Units/Case Private Lable Towel size Shelf life
DW070 Ammonium 70 wipe Soft Pack 24 Available 5″×8″ 2 year


We at Biokleen Hygiene bring the best quality of Disinfecting Cleaning Wipes and class-leading Disinfecting Wet Wipes that are designed for out-of-the-box usage. Our wipes are treated with best-grade disinfectants which are potent to kill a wide range of bacteria without any additional required cleaning. All of our wet wipes products including Wet Wipes Canister, Dry Wipes Refill Roll New, Biokleen Disinfecting Wipes New, 70% Alcohol Wipes New, Surface Detergent Wipes, Biokleen Disinfecting Wipes, Disinfecting Wet Wipes EPA are manufactured at our company located factories. We use high-quality raw material obtained from verified sources to keep our products safer and easier to use without any side effects at all. Wet wipes from Biokleen Hygiene are available lowest prices and you can also get your refill packs at extra discounts from the online store. If you are looking for quality grade Disinfecting Cleaning Wipes that don’t go bad for a long time, then Biokleen Hygiene is your best choice to go for.